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Hellur guys! Welcome to my blog *dancing*

So what is The 90s Christian Lady blog about ?

I guess my blog can be referred to as an all-round blog talking about life, my faith as a Christian, lifestyle, photography, music, Q&A, fashion and many more.

So stay tuned for more posts to come

Thank you for reading

New post coming soon

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Currently I am | May ’18

Hellur guys, sorry I have been gone for a long while, I was writing exams but guess what? I’m back 😏 I deserve some accolades, don’t I?

And Happy New Month guys.

So this is my first life lately post which I will be doing every month to let you guys know what is happening with me. So stay tuned.

Currently I am:

Listening to: Hillsong Worship’s There is More album. I am so in love with this album, my favorite song is Be Still because it literally speaks to me.

In: my room at home. Finally

Writing: this amazing post.

Wearing: my very comfortable indoor outfit.

Eating: bread and egg.

Grateful: for Life and the new month.

Thinking: what my holiday has in store for me.

Determined to: be serious about my blog and a bunch of stuffs I am involved in.

Craving: chocolate cake and ice cream.

Anticipating: my summer holiday.

Irritated by: nothing.

Watching: Grey’s Anatomy (my favourite series).

Reading: The Five Languages of Apology by Gary Chapman and Jennifer Thomas.

Wishing: I went for the GTBank Eat and Drink.

Looking forward: to the things I’m hoping to achieve this summer.

Inspired by: the creativity of content creators, bloggers and photographers.

Loving: the peace of mind I have been experiencing.

Praying: for an amazing result this semester.

Hoping: for a good summer job

Unsure about: where I want to work this summer; either in a digital marketing firm or a photography studio.

Let know what has been going on with you guys in the comment ⤵

Till my next post 😊

Con amor,

Toluwani ✨

Facts|Get to know me

Hellur guys, so I have been away for a month now and this post has been sitting in my draft throughout that period. I finally had the time for put this post out to let you guys know about me. So here it is 😌

1. I love God. My relationship with Abba is not pefect but it is a work in progress and I’m loving Him everyday

2. I’m an undergraduate student

3. I love listening to music (I’m always plugged)

4. I’m a lover of my space, my imaginations and my own company alongside people

5. I’m a huge foodie. I love food ❤ (It has a huge place in my heart)

6. I’m a mixture of introvert and extrovert

7. I’m an emotional person but I like to form hard guy 😁

8. I’m a creative that likes trying out new things. I’m currently working on a bullet journal

9. I’m a naturalista, been natural for 2 years and a month now

10. My birthday is 17th of June . I have started accepting gifts.

P.s I love photography, I have an eye for weirdly beautiful things

So that is all for now, till next time.

Tell me a few things about yourself in the comment below ⬇

con amor,